Different Ways of Converting HTML into PDF Files on a Windows Machine

04 Jun

 If you decide to count the number of PDF files that are there on the web, they will exceed 2 billion.  If you need a webpage to PDF conversion, there are some approaches for you to follow.  You may not need any experience for you to perform the conversions. Also, there are some of them which may not be very easy to understand but don’t get discouraged about this fact since there are some simplifications to this.  Hence, have a look at the guide on how to convert HTML into PDF on a window machine.

 Google Docs is the first feature of interest for the conversion.  Through the software, you are able to read and manage documents easily, and it supports many formats.  This makes it preferred for documents management.  Some people don’t know how to use these tools for the conversion.  The imperfection comes where it may not be able to translate the CSS rules perfectly.  Hence, it will not be able to achieve the perfect conversion. When it comes to converting to PDF, It would be beneficial for you to get more info.

The other one is the Adobe PDF toolbar which exists on the Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers as extensions.  Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers have extensions that enable you to directly convert these files.  Search and install the extension for the chrome web store.  On the toolbar you will easily note the icon appearance.  On the icon, go to the option that says “convert Web Page to PDF”. Finally, you are required to specify the location on the machine and save the file now.

On browsers like chrome, there is a simple option that enables you to directly print the webpage to PDF file.  Look for the print option on the toolbar of the browser.  Hence, you are required to specify the location where the PDF file is going to be saved.  Through this method, you will be allowed to perfectly convert the HTML page into PDF where every feature is retained.  The images arrangements, links, and the entire CSS will have to remain intact.  Therefore, you need to check out now and know how to use this option if you have never tried. You'll want to learn more about ways to convert to PDF. 

 In addition to the above, also the EasePDF and IronPDF are other software that enables you to perform the same task.  There are many guidelines to enable you to use this software. Also, there are some other options which you will be able to find these applications on this website.

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